1st 2012 Presidential Debate

Well, after all of the hype it was finally here.  I settled in and watched the debate acutely interested in what each candidate had to say.

Although I am definitely an Obama supporter, the debate struck me as interesting on three basic levels.

First and foremost, I expected a more assertive President Obama today.  The Romney campaign has provided ample ammunition to present a defined choice for the American people.  Although the president tried to push back without being obnoxious, I think it left an opening for Romney to make many assertions that went unchallenged.  President Obama will need to more passionately defend his record.

Second, the idea that you can suddenly change positions you have had, voiced, supported, etc. through the campaign at the last minute because you are on a debate stage strikes me as sad.  While looking strong and assertive, I do not believe it will be lost on the American people that Mr. Romney has become a shape shifter of the best kind.  I have watched this election very closely and I was left feeling that I’m not sure what Mr. Romney believes.  Luck for all of us, there is this little thing called “video”.

Third, we need to have moderators that are not afraid to ask tough follow-up questions.  The moderators clearly understand the issues and choosing to be a “fly on the wall” as opposed to actively guiding the discussion was unfortunate.

One down and 3 debates to go!


“Looking forward to the return of a time when we can all respectfully converse and disagree” –R. Williams