Guns or No Guns?

Due to the escalating numbers of gun violence, occurring more and more frequently, President Barack Obama is attempting to reduce these numbers.  His plan is designed to prohibit the purchase of assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

What is your take on the situation?   Do you believe that these types of weapons should be outlawed?




Sindi Pickett

Sin Diviro “Sindi” Pickett was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An early childhood Christian upbringing has resulted in her deeply-ingrained love of God. In addition to her background in business, ministry and administration, she has also served a total of seventeen years in the military. Ten years, Pennsylvania Air National Guard, six years, U.S. Air Force Reserve in the states of Pennsylvania and Delaware, and one year of inactive duty. Her military experience only compounded her love of country. Having written poems and short stories as a child, she subsequently, developed an inspiration to write books, which resulted in her status today, as a published writer. As a Christian minister, she has love for her fellow-man and a heart for the down-trodden everywhere, as she remains in special prayer for her country… the United States of America.