LIFE … Just a Vapor


by Sin Diviro F. Pickett

Tick … tick … tick … what once seemed like all the time in the world might quickly become … if only I would have … if only I could have … I really should have. If your life was based on an imaginary clock, how quickly (or slowly) does time pass for you? Too busy to focus on positive life accomplishments?

  • Read Chapters One and Four to learn why you should.
  • As spiritual beings, when do we acquire a spirit? Find thought-provoking answers to that interesting question and more in Chapter Three, Beginning of Life.
  • Heinous serial crimes vs. great humanitarian works. Both memorable, but for different reasons. Some live totally selfish lives that are easily forgettable. After death, will you be memorable or forgettable?
  • Chapter Two reveals the purpose of good works.
  • Is there life after death? Will Christ actually return to earth? How do we know? Find answers in Chapters Five and Six.
  • Considering a spiritual U-turn? Learn why and how in Chapter Seven.

LIFE … Just a Vapor – a motivating, step-by-step account using sound reasoning and a biblical basis of why one should pursue personal ambitions and spiritual callings.