Legacy of the Tall, Black & White Donkey of the White House : Obama

by Sin Diviro F. Pickett

The president of the United States of America has always been considered the “most powerful man in the free world”. Barack Obama has been the Commander-in-Chief over three wars; ending international conflict; eliminating international terrorists, resulting in a safer environment for much of the world. Reportedly, he was responsible for handling more major catastrophes than any president in recent years. Obama has provided health care for millions of Americans who previously did not have benefits; helped millions who were out of work by extending unemployment benefits. He took on the challenge of foreclosure and other homeowner issues, education, predatory credit card reform and other benefits (some unprecedented). He stepped into office during a recession and skillfully navigated the country out of danger and into a challenging economic recovery.

This book contains:

• Accomplishments, victories and bills introduced or revised (with many listed benefits), which have been signed into law by President Barack Obama.

• Selected speeches of President Obama (complete and unedited).

• The truth about the unemployment rates. If you believe unemployment is high due to Obama’s policies, think again! The real reason for high unemployment, as recently spoken by one of America’s most successful and respected, corporate businessmen.

• Facts that repudiate Republican, Conservative and Tea Party catastrophic claims such as, “President Obama is destroying the country”.

• … and much more!!!

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