The Dream Life Roadmap: 10 Essential Factors For Creating Your Dream Life

by Rhonda Y. Williams

Do you ever wonder why some people always seem to win? Why some people seem to have all the luck? They have the great job, the beautiful house and the rockin’ car.

What makes them different? Simply this… they take the keys while you ask where are we going? If you want to live an amazing life, get out of the passenger seat, take the keys, and start the car. If you are a passenger on your own life journey, you are always heading to destination unknown. All the while, holding on for dear life as the lead-footed driver whips you around corners on his merry adventure.

In book one of The Dream Life Roadmap Series, you will see why a deadly combination of cloudy vision, passenger seat riding, comfort zone living, shaky confidence, and lack of discipline are killing your dreams. You’ll see how instead of falling in, you can skillfully navigate around the potholes on your journey as you tap into the power of confidence and persistent problem solving. You’ll identify how runaway thoughts may be secretly controlling your actions and behavior. Most importantly, you’ll see how your own thoughts are sabotaging your future.

I thought I had reached the good life after following all the rules, working hard, and rising to the CEO level of a hospital. Little did I know everything was about to change. I found my life in turmoil after getting fired and shortly thereafter getting divorced after twenty-five years of marriage. I was devastated. I called on my faith to help pull myself up mentally and emotionally and like a butterfly I emerged. I willed my life forward by developing a roadmap… a set of principles to act as my compass. My life turnaround was amazing. I went from down and out to being the founder of Spoiled Naturally, Share Life Publishing and Dream Life Coaching and Speaking with the goal of helping others uncover the magical experience in their own life.

I now share with you that your dream life is already created; it is just waiting for you to catch up. Follow The Dream Life Roadmap to create your amazing life. In this series, we will give you the boost you need to start your battery helping you move from fear to fearless; from indifference to commitment; from imagination to intentional action.

Follow The Dream Life Roadmap Series: 10 Essential Factors for Creating Your Dream Life and start your transition from the life you live… to a life you love!