The UCR Advantage: How to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence, Fast!

by Rhonda Y. Williams

Are you tired of obstacles hindering your success? Are you tired of spinning your wheels? 

Whether you are challenged with improving relationships at home or at work, struggling to make decisions, working to minimize conflicts, feeling stuck, or building self-confidence, there may be forces at play that you are unaware of. Emotional intelligence has zero to do with your intellectual intelligence and has everything to do with how you are able to use emotions to make decisions that improve your life. It is active in your life whether you realize it or not. But, how do you improve it? The UCR Advantage is designed to help you develop a set of skills that when used effectively, can be life changing. So, what are you waiting for? It cannot hurt and can only help. Start using the UCR Advantage, today.

This book includes worksheet/application exercise.

Each book in the EQ Your Way To Success eBook Learning Series is designed to teach you a specific set of skills or allow you to focus on specific areas of application. Rather than throwing the emotional intelligence book at you, my goal is to break it down in a way that is practical and meaningful.

Watch for the next book to help you continue to integrate EQ skills as a way of being and not a thing you do.

How to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Fast