Presidential Debate #2 – President Barack Obama & Gov. Mitt Romney

News commentators called the Presidential Debate on Tuesday, Oct. 16th, 2012, a very “fiesty” one.  It was indeed exciting (which is really saying a lot for Romney).  It held your attention and Romney’s tactics of trying to dominate the entire debate, including the moderator, did not work this time.  President Obama was on his toes… he was ready for Romney and didn’t let him get away with it throughout the debate.  He definitely stepped up to the plate.  In fact, he came out swinging.

They both left no stone unturned regarding the issues.  But Romney lied about everything from statistics, which he keeps claiming are worse when they are actually better, to going and asking his company for qualified women for his cabinet.

On Wed., Oct. 17th, Fox News (favored by Republicans for its GOP spin), of course, reported that Romney’s supporters said that Romney, did reach out for female applicants for his high level positions and, in turn, received the “binders of women”.  Of course, they would defend him – they’re his supporters!

However, that’s very interesting, because very early on Thursday morning, Oct. 18th, as I watched television, I observed the women themselves, during an interview, actually reporting that they (the ones who were not in the binders), brought the “binders of women” to Romney, complaining that there were no women in his cabinet.  I would choose to believe the women themselves, who actually brought the binders to him, as opposed to the report of Fox News accepting the word of Romney’s “supporters”; and THIS is the Romney who supposedly “cares about women”, who admittedly had to be handed binders of female resumes.

Below is a list of President Obama’s female cabinet members, and the cabinet-level positions, and some other high level positions, all held by females.  Since this topic refers to females, the names of male members have been omitted.

Cabinet Members (Female)
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State

Janet Napolitano
Secretary of Homeland Security

Kathleen Sebelius
Secretary of Health and Human Services

Hilda L. Solis
Secretary of Labor

Cabinet-Level Positions (held by females – names omitted)
Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
U.N. Ambassador
Chairwoman of the Council of Economic Advisers

Other High Level Positions (held by females – names omitted)
Director of the Domestic Policy Council
Surgeon General
Senior Advisor
Supreme Court Justice (two positions, two females)
Director of the Women’s Bureau, Department of Labor
Administrator, Small Business Administration
Chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission
Chairwoman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality
White House Coordinator of Energy and Climate Policy
Communications Director

My book, Legacy of the Tall, Black & White Donkey of the White House: OBAMA,  pertains to the accomplishments the president.  It lists the members, both male and female, who were appointed to Obama’s cabinet shortly after his election (some of which, by now, may have changed).

God bless,

Sindi P.


Sindi Pickett

Sin Diviro “Sindi” Pickett was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An early childhood Christian upbringing has resulted in her deeply-ingrained love of God. In addition to her background in business, ministry and administration, she has also served a total of seventeen years in the military. Ten years, Pennsylvania Air National Guard, six years, U.S. Air Force Reserve in the states of Pennsylvania and Delaware, and one year of inactive duty. Her military experience only compounded her love of country. Having written poems and short stories as a child, she subsequently, developed an inspiration to write books, which resulted in her status today, as a published writer. As a Christian minister, she has love for her fellow-man and a heart for the down-trodden everywhere, as she remains in special prayer for her country… the United States of America.

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