Presidential Debate #3 – President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney

How about that President of ours? Did he really show his experience and knowledge of foreign policies or what? Now that’s the President Obama I know and am proud of!

On every issue, he was presidential and knowledgeable as he not only explained what he has done, but also laid out what he intends to do (or continue). This is why Romney was bringing up the subject of the economy, which not only was not the issue of the night, but also is no fault of Obama’s, since he was elected during a recession. Mitt’s ideas were very “old school”, while Obama’s were very innovative, as he has been throughout his first term.

My favorite part of this debate full of substance, was when Mitt complained about how much the military was shrinking and that the navy had fewer ships than we have had since 1917; he also complained about the Air Force, etc. Obama waited his turn, then he lowered the boom on Romney. He briefly explained how our military works to Gov. Romney, then went on to address Romney’s criticism regarding “fewer ships”. “You mentioned the Navy for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military has changed”, proving how far out of touch Romney is. He then completed his brief explanation regarding the military. He is operating using all of the innovative technology available for a more streamline, but much more powerful military, just as he utilizes the same for many other issues for which the president is responsible.

As with each debate, a poll was taken immediately after this third debate had ended. The results were an astounding overall 53% for Obama, 23% for Romney and 24% undecided. Another poll’s results: (Over all – Foreign Policy: 50%, Obama & 41%, Romney; Terrorism & Security: 49%, Obama & 42%, Romney; U.S. Policy toward Iran: 46%, Obama & 43%, Romney; U.S. Policy towards China: 44%, Obama & 44%, Romney; U.S. Policy towards Israel: 42%, Obama & 46%, Romney. For this poll, Obama wins 3 out of 5, Romney wins 1, and there was one tie.

Just as Romney pounded on him at the first debate. That was his only opportunity to do so, because Obama returned the favor and more so during both the second and third debates. I believe that Obama was saying, “so much for being Mr. Nice Guy” – holding back to avoid the appearance of taking advantage of Romney… while letting him dominate. I’m glad Obama came to his senses and reversed that roll. I always knew that he was capable and he has proven me to be absolutely right.

‘Way to go, Mr. President! Now let’s all get out there and vote! To the undecided… are you still really undecided or just holding out? All three debates are over and there’s really nothing else to wait for. We see who cares about all of the American people… not just the 47%… we see who is still working diligently on the economy, which as former President Clinton said, “no one could have solved that problem”, that includes Governor Romney with his secret plans… we see who has the experience (and uses common sense) regarding foreign policies and military operations. Need I say more? Let’s all vote for him and allow him to finish the work he started (much of it innovative and unprecedented, while being highly effective).

Thank you and God bless!

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Sindi Pickett

Sin Diviro “Sindi” Pickett was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An early childhood Christian upbringing has resulted in her deeply-ingrained love of God. In addition to her background in business, ministry and administration, she has also served a total of seventeen years in the military. Ten years, Pennsylvania Air National Guard, six years, U.S. Air Force Reserve in the states of Pennsylvania and Delaware, and one year of inactive duty. Her military experience only compounded her love of country. Having written poems and short stories as a child, she subsequently, developed an inspiration to write books, which resulted in her status today, as a published writer. As a Christian minister, she has love for her fellow-man and a heart for the down-trodden everywhere, as she remains in special prayer for her country… the United States of America.

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